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Audio is one of the fastest growing mediums in digital advertising. 

Let your voice
be heard

Come in, sit down, and start talking,
we’ll handle the rest.

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OpticTour Podcast Studio is a full service podcasting studio that provides professional audio/video recording, and professional mixing/editing services for all podcasters alike in the Austin area. Schedule your session, come in and record. Our sound engineer will make sure that you sound your best. After your recording session ends, we wrap up the audio file in its raw state and put it on a thumb drive for you. From there, you can edit, add intros, outros and drops as you see fit. Our studio is set up with 4 microphones to record you and 3 of your friends and guests. Just stop in, sit down and start talking, we handle the rest. Impress your podcast guests with a high end studio ready to record your content with broadcast quality equipment. Whether you are new to podcasting or a veteran podcaster, we can help you create a high quality podcast for the world to listen to.

Why us

We help you to step
out of your comfort zone.

We provide a top notch studio equipment and a professional sound engineer. They only thing we want from you is to do
what you love and speak from your heart.

what we can do 


Video Podcast

We have the ability and the equipment to video your podcast session. Your videos can be uploaded to YouTube or any social media platform. You can also livestream your podcast on Facebook, YouTube and more.


We have national voice-over talent on staff to record custom intros and outros for your podcast. This is a great way to give your podcast the professional sound that will make you stand out from the crowd.


If you need your audio or video podcast edited... we offer editing to help deliver the quality podcast you desire.


We can assist in the distribution of your podcast on major platforms as well as on our website for easy access.

For any inquiries please email us at

8863 Anderson Mill Road, Suite 117, Austin, Texas 78729

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